Mata Media and Communications is a blog and a conceptualization of a media company that seeks to provide media graduates with information about the discipline. This blog also seeks to help students, job-seekers and people who want to pursue a career in communications.

This blog accommodates individuals from all spheres of communication, that is:

  • Marketing
  • Development Communications
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Social Media
  • Media Relations
  • Journalism
  • Events Management
  • Exhibitions
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising

The blog provides media graduates, learners and personnel with new innovations and updated information about researches, publications, articles, essays and other relevant writings to help them advance their studies and knowledge on the discipline.

The blog offers lot of useful information, ranging from employment to publications. The following are some of the services the blog offers:

  • Internships and learnerships;
  • Study bursaries;
  • News on politics and education;
  • My writings and other publications to help communicators;
  • Gallery on events;
  • Inspirational quotes;
  • And advertised permanent jobs

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